Tips on Living the Life of Luxury at Home

Living the luxurious lifestyle is something that people aspire to and work towards for most of their lives, but they often don’t know exactly how to go about it. Most people want the big house and the fancy cars, but there are lots of other, more nuanced things that can be done when you finally get the means and comfort to do so.

It’s often said that one needs to learn how to be rich. And in this article we’ll talk about some of the different ways to go about living a fancy lifestyle that might not be the most obvious, and after which you’ll have a much better idea how to go about being a well-to-do person in your own home.

In-Home Laundry Service

Some people don’t mind doing chores or various housework. Personally, I am not one of those people, and when I was finally able to have the means the first things I did was get myself set up with an in-house maid and laundry service. It required me picking up a high end stackable washing machine/dryer and contracting a nice cleaning service.

Making sure the equipment was top of the line was important, I looked up reviews and read up on the different standards of both the washing machines and the cleaning service. Getting both top of the line was helpful in making sure I didn’t have to go through the process again sometime soon down the line.

In-Home Theater System

Now that you don’t have to leave the house to do laundry or worry about using lemons for cleaning anymore, why not remove another unnecessary expedition from your routine? Going to the movies is not necessary if you get yourself an in-home theater, especially now that services like Netflix have made home binge watching so prevalent.

Considering dedicating a room to your in-home theater system, equipped with theater seating, and either a projector or a 70+ inch TV. Add in some popcorn and twizzlers and you’ve got yourself the perfect replacement for a trip to the movies.

Live-in Chef

Now we are getting somewhere. This is for the really high-end folk that have the means to employ a full-time, skilled employee like a chef. Keep in mind you’ll probably need to pay a very good living wage, probably upwards of 60k USD per year, in order to attract a full time live-in check to your home.

You’ll also need to have room for that person to sleep, or you can settle for having them work shifts. This is really useful if you have a large family and don’t enjoy cooking for yourself.


Well, that’s about it. Follow these 3 tips to see how it would be to live at home like a real upscale citizen. And if you aren’t in the means to do all of them right now, at least you’ll have something to aim for!